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Gang Shootout in Parker Hills leaves 26 dead
By Henry McManus, Anchorage Herald

A gang shootout between Los Muertos and a local mob leaves 26 dead. There were no survivors.

Late Thursday night, a shootout began after an unknown vehicle sideswiped a Los Muertos gang member's car. Los Muertos responded by chasing after the vehicle, local witnesses say. These gang members were later found dead in their vehicle, seemingly the result of a high-speed gun fight.

Mere minutes after this, several armed locals arrived on scene and began a shootout with Los Muertos at their chop shop on Main St. Police do not know why these locals decided to attack, but one officer described the incident as "a bloodbath."

The identity of these locals has not yet been released yet as their families have not yet been notified. What is strange is according to police, none of the people found dead lived near Parker Hills. In fact, none of them lived in South Anchorage at all and Los Muertos has no dealings outside the island. Police are looking into this matter.

Domenic Young, Leader of Los Muertos, was not found among the dead. Police believe he may be in hiding after this seemingly unprovoked assault.

Hell's Angel hailed as hero
From WLN reporter, Teresa Dunn

The Hell's Angels bikers are usually a sign of trouble. Not so says this local man.

Norman Duncan stopped by Smith's Liquors on 5th Street when a man wearing Hell's Angels colors approached him.

[Camera cuts to an interview with Norman in front of the store]

"I was just getting a case of beer when this biker guy came up to me and started talking. At first I was nervous, thinking he was going to rob me. But he seemed like a real down-to-earth guy. Then my car got stolen and this guy hopped on his bike and chased after him!"

[The camera pans back to the anchor]

According to Norman, the Hell's Angel chased down the car thief and got his car back. How the Hell's Angel did that was not discussed.

[Camera cuts back to Norman]

"I was starting to get worried that he wasn't coming back but sure enough he turned up with my car. I didn't get a chance to ask the guy his name."

[Off camera a question is asked] "Would you trust the Hell's Angels again if your car was stolen?"

[Norman chuckles] "I don't know about that but I'd definitely buy that guy a beer if I saw him again."

Is the government brainwashing people? One local says yes!
By Jean Coronado, The Daily Star

One local man claims to have been brainwashed by the government.

Philip Westcott was minding his own business, he said, when a strange man in a suit approached him. The next thing he knew, he was throwing a Moltov Cocktail at a building.

"I don't know how I even got there but as soon as I threw the bottle, people started shooting and I ran for my life!"

It is not known why this building was targeted but given the demographics where this man found himself, we believe this to be part of Anchorage's continued shadow war against minorities.

As faithful readers will know, Anchorage was once a testing center for a number of government experiments, including MK Ultra, a supposedly discontinued mind control experiment. Clearly not all is as it seems.

Why does Anchorage hate minorities so much? Or are they just viewed as expendable in their continued attempts to control us all.

Local grocer burned down
From WLN reporter, John Keyser

City Councilman caught offering officer beer
From WLN reporter, John Keyser

WPN exclusive:

Popular councilman, Christian Kane, was seen offering an on-duty officer in an attempt to gain access to a crime scene.

[picture of Christian with his hand on the officer's shoulder with Zach offering him a beer]

Officer Donald White was guarding a crime scene in South Anchorage when Councilman Christian Kane, the councilman for that district, appeared on the scene. After a few moments with the officer, the councilman was let onto the crime scene after the officer received a beer.

The councilman was not alone and was seen with several other men. None of these men have been identified but one wore the colors of the Hell's Angels biker gang. It is unknown how deep the councilman's ties to the Hell's Angels goes, but the Hell's Angels have been linked with several violent incidents across the region.

We reached out to Councilman Kane's office and have not heard back. Head of the City Council, Councilman Gary Carr, had this to say:

"Councilman Kane is very involved with his district and takes the crimes there very seriously. We will be conducting a full investigation into the councilman's actions and have no doubt we will find no wrongdoing on his part, regardless of how the media may try to portray his actions here."

At the time of this reporting, no action had been taken against Officer White.


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