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City Councilman caught offering officer beer

From WLN reporter, John Keyser

WPN exclusive:

Popular councilman, Christian Kane, was seen offering an on-duty officer in an attempt to gain access to a crime scene.

[picture of Christian with his hand on the officer's shoulder with Zach offering him a beer]

Officer Donald White was guarding a crime scene in South Anchorage when Councilman Christian Kane, the councilman for that district, appeared on the scene. After a few moments with the officer, the councilman was let onto the crime scene after the officer received a beer.

The councilman was not alone and was seen with several other men. None of these men have been identified but one wore the colors of the Hell's Angels biker gang. It is unknown how deep the councilman's ties to the Hell's Angels goes, but the Hell's Angels have been linked with several violent incidents across the region.

We reached out to Councilman Kane's office and have not heard back. Head of the City Council, Councilman Gary Carr, had this to say:

"Councilman Kane is very involved with his district and takes the crimes there very seriously. We will be conducting a full investigation into the councilman's actions and have no doubt we will find no wrongdoing on his part, regardless of how the media may try to portray his actions here."

At the time of this reporting, no action had been taken against Officer White.


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