Hell's Angel with the Mythos of Jesus


MYTHOS: Jesse has the mythos of Jesus awoken inside him, now he’s trying to save mankind, one soul at a time by ridding them of their demons.
LOGOS: Jesse is a woodworker by day and hells angel by night


Jesse joined the Hell’s Angels at 18 and makes his money by selling the furniture he makes in the garage. God picked him to be the savior because God has a sense of humor.

Day in the Life

Morning – Jesse is a simple guy. He has a little corner of the Hell’s Angel garage set up as a woodworking workshop. Makes chairs and whatnot to pay the bills.

Afternoon – Lunch at noon. First joint of the day. Enjoys his big lunch. Goes back to work. At 5, goes back to the couch with his buddies.

Evening – Hanging out, working on the bike, cursing around, drinking and getting high (to relax, not get wasted). Strange affinity for wine.

Night – Same thing as evening. Stop and help people while riding around. Enjoying the evening.


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