Ex-recon Marine with the Horseman of Death


MYTHOS: Death, rider of the pale horse, usher of the apocalypse
LOGOS: Former recon marine who misses the rush of combat and spends his days looking for fights at local bars. Does odd jobs as enforcers for whoever will pay him


Zach lives out of his van. He used to have a family but then his wife took off with some IT consultant and took the kid with her. He’s still trying to find them. He drinks a lot. (It helps?) She said something about “it’s a job with a future and not just running around the desert killing Russians.”

Day in the Life

Morning – Takes a 5-10 mile rule. He goes to the same diner every day called Middle of Nowhere Diner. It’s a greasy spoon, little dirty, with a typical waitress named Martha. (She’s older with a mole on the face). It’s full of regulars. He has same breakfast (eggs bacon and toast).

Then he does maintenance on his gear and weapon training. Around noon he goes to a bar and gets leads on jobs he can take, such as enforcing. This could be any biker bar around the city. Some are rougher than others. he has a few contacts that work with bookies or other local figures. He may also take legit jobs from credit card companies.

Afternoon – If he’s got a job for the day, he’s tracking down his mark. If not, he’s trying to track down his wife and kid.

Evening – If he tracked down the mark, he would confront them. If not, drink. Try and figure out where he went wrong.

Night – Wrapping up day. Likes to get to bed early (around 10).


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