The Floating City

Gang Shootout in Parker Hills leaves 26 dead

By Henry McManus, Anchorage Herald

A gang shootout between Los Muertos and a local mob leaves 26 dead. There were no survivors.

Late Thursday night, a shootout began after an unknown vehicle sideswiped a Los Muertos gang member's car. Los Muertos responded by chasing after the vehicle, local witnesses say. These gang members were later found dead in their vehicle, seemingly the result of a high-speed gun fight.

Mere minutes after this, several armed locals arrived on scene and began a shootout with Los Muertos at their chop shop on Main St. Police do not know why these locals decided to attack, but one officer described the incident as "a bloodbath."

The identity of these locals has not yet been released yet as their families have not yet been notified. What is strange is according to police, none of the people found dead lived near Parker Hills. In fact, none of them lived in South Anchorage at all and Los Muertos has no dealings outside the island. Police are looking into this matter.

Domenic Young, Leader of Los Muertos, was not found among the dead. Police believe he may be in hiding after this seemingly unprovoked assault.


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